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Update Entry (August 26)

2013-08-26 12:24:29 by RamenRider

So I have good news and bad news.

Bad news, LGRR wil be on put for the next 6 weeks.

Good news, I've gotten a nice gig with a group. We're working on a project and it shows promise. I hope the best of luck for that project in the next 6 weeks.

I'm also taking some fine arts training in college right now as well. If there are going to be any kind of uploading, it could be from that.

Update Entry (August 8th)

2013-08-08 00:42:24 by RamenRider

There will not be a Ramen Rider this week.

I've been doing improvements around the house lately. By improvements, I mean I was helping my dad and my cousin build a new porch for the home. As well as that, there is also a family trip at the end of the week.

Sorry for those who were awaiting the new events to the comic.

Update Entry (July 30th)

2013-07-30 13:41:25 by RamenRider

LGRR is going by steadily and this week will arrive on scheduel.

I will be going to college next month on the 20th and (hopefully) a new part time job. If I do things right, these events should not mess around the webcomic.

I'm trying to make a study with this website:
Anything that can improve my craft is okay with me.

First Post...

2013-07-12 01:56:57 by RamenRider

This weeks Let's Go Ramen Rider (LGRR) is a lengthen one. It will be spanning two pages rather than being one page. As the week has come to a close, I've decided to go what was best and go with two. This week's LGRR is going to be delayed. Reason being that the inking did not go very well. There was also a 4th of July visit that lasted for the spanning week. I will bring forth the comic as soon as I can. There has also been a lack of regular illustrations. The reason is that it takes longer to produce. Also, there is a lack of completed work... I do have a portfolio that I used in highschool but it contains photography rather than illustrations. I plan to recreate my illustrations from the portfolio. There is a planning of a comparison of new and old portfolio work in the future...

Improvement of the fine arts has been rolling like an upside down turtle. I have stopped at perspective practice since 4 weeks ago. There will be a uploading on the study work when I get the chance to. My strongest drawing style is still an anime style. The transition from cartoons is still a work in progress. Though maybe the two styles are probably on the same level now...

I would like to thank those who have took the time to look at my webcomic. I want to thank those who have took the time to critique the art of the comic and the jokes as well. I appreciate them and take them to heart. The views have gone past my expectations. I am also surprised of my webcomic being in the Art Portal. I'm improving on the webcomic with each one created and hope for it to continue to improve.