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Update Entry (October 14)

2013-10-14 19:20:14 by RamenRider

Hello everybody!

I've been gone for a bit more than 6 weeks. Along the end of the 6 week project making period, I caught the flu.

I have been working with my group on a manga for a client for a JUMP contest or I was brought into it... This JUMP contest is known to bring fame to those who do well. Making a manga in 6 weeks is purposively hectic. I wanted to leave time for it and that is why I left a notice of 6 weeks to work on it. I was kind of excited about it even though the assignment was out of sudden from my group. I was designated for inking and coloring. The client was designated for their screenplay. Then my partner was designated for drawing. Throughout the 6 weeks, there were no drawings. There were only about tiny concept works and a new logo design done on my part. So things went into a disaster and I am here now.

I apologize to those who were patient and following me to see the next LGRR. I will be working on schedule on LGRR once again. I can ensure you the next LGRR will appear sometime this week.


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