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December Entries 2

2013-12-24 18:38:57 by RamenRider

4525838_138792826151_Upload.jpgI’ve been learning some HTML and CSS lately. I learned HTML a long time ago in middle school but the uses of computers in middle school were limited. They were limited to Microsoft Power Point projects and the entertainment of Flash Games. The uses of HTML have not come up in my life until days ago. I had the hardest time getting Disqus to work on the Tumblr page. It just did not want to work. Computers and frustration go together like white on rice. The two are separated when you toss some water on it. It is nice to draw on 8.5x11 sheet of paper again. Seems like I can do panel planning much faster than before. In fact, panel planning for the next LGRR is done. Hopefully it will be done before I get back to school. I’ll see you guys later.

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