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2014-01-02 21:10:02 by RamenRider

4525838_138872232583_Upload.jpg2014 is going to start like how all New Years start out like. New Year Resolutions are made and are broken. From experience, I can complete resolutions. However with my blog post not being on (or before) New Years day, I decided to make a short list of resolutions I know I will not do this year.

1. I will become a millionaire this year.

2. I will join Major League Gaming (MLG) this year. 3. I will travel to another country. 4. I will impersonate myself as a black belt in Judo and climb the ranks of the Judo Tower in Japan. 5. I will become a professional jouster. 6. I will also learn to ride a horse in order to joust.

That’s all the resolutions. We’ll see each other another time.

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